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Stanley Swanson – Breed of a Werewolf

Stanley Swanson – Breed of a Werewolf


Seller : S-k-ballinger

Contemporary Fiction and Page Turner

SKU: 9798650939047


The gripping, action-packed story of what happens when a werewolf grants an interview to a human journalist as war breaks out among the creatures of the night.

A spellbinding story with in-your-face action: Interview with the Vampire meets An American Werewolf in London.

Take everything you think you know about werewolves and rip the rules to pieces. Just like the vampires will do to journalist Kain’s interview with Stanley Swanson if they ever get their fangs on it.

A war is coming between the creatures of the night. Werewolf Stanley Swanson believes it will also involve humans, and he needs to know which side they’ll take. He reaches out to retired journalist Kain, hoping that if he shares the secrets of both werewolves and vampires, the mortals will support his own people.

Kain never expected the opportunity to interview a werewolf. During his journey into the supernatural world, though, he forms a close friendship with Stanley. It’s only a matter of time before their agreement is uncovered. When the highest of the vampires find out, they take it as an act of aggression. Stanley returns home to find that he has put his people at risk—with his own family the first to be attacked.

As Stanley and his older brother seek revenge for their losses, the vampires set out to stop Kain’s report from becoming widespread knowledge and to punish the human journalist for his interference. The longstanding treaty between vampires and werewolves has been broken, and war will devour mortals and immortals alike.


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